SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI am originally from Bulgaria, where I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations at the University of Rousse back in 2009. In September 2011, looking for a somewhat different experience from the purely marketing approach I was taught in my undergraduate program I decided to continue my studies abroad and pursue a Master’s degree in Communication and Innovation Studies at the Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Towards the end of my two-year program I was required to do an internship to get some hands –on experience in the field of Communication.  This is how I got the amazing opportunity to become a member of the small and dynamic team of the European Association for Viewers’ Interests (EAVI), where I have been working since October 2013. Even though I am still a newcomer to the world of media literacy and education, the past 4 months gave me a solid basis in the field I am enthusiastically building upon. Simultaneously working on two big projects, EMEDUS and “Media and Young Citizens’ Engagement in the EU” initiative, I am acquiring in-depth understanding of the range of activities EAVI applies its expertise to and learn how to manage them successfully.

Topic of presentation: Enable citizens to read, write, and participate to public life through the media.

OrganizationEuropean Association for Viewers Interests