danicaDanica Niki Radisic is a regional corporate communications consultant, writer, blogger, poet, serial entrepreneur and Global Voices’ Central and Eastern Europe Editor. A Serbian native, but born and raised on the Iberian Peninsula with some time spent in the Middle East and U.S., Niki claims English, Serbian and Portuguese as her native languages, while she speaks several more and is keen on using them all to communicate, listen and learn as much as possible each day. When she is not gladly dedicating her time to Global Voices, she is actively involved in training in training media, non-government organizations, and citizens in using Internet resources to create a healthier, more objective and informed media landscape. She also plays a part-time adult as a mom of two and CEO of her agency Krazy Fish Consulting. In the free time she doesn’t have but always manages to find, she listens and shares on Twitter and other social networks as @NikiBGD.

Topic of presentation: Voices that are not ordinarily heard in international mainstream media

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