andjelkovicThe CV is sorted by an approximate chronological timing of events from the most recent to the former ones:

  • feb 2012 – now chief editor of Radio Student, Ljubljana
  • 2007-2012 editor for Arts&Culture on Radio Student, Ljubljana
  • 2011- now founder and the main curator of RADAR – open radio investigative platform of Radio Student
  • 2010 – starts PhD/postgaduate studies at the Faculty for humanistic studies Koper, Philosophy ant theory of visual culture
  • 2010 – Master of science degree at the Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis in Ljubljani, Antropology of everdy life, Media studies
  • 2006 – cultural editor and one of the executive editors of Balkanis magazine – magazine is edited and issued in all ex-Yugoslavia countries
  • 2005-now – authored and edited serial experimental radio broadcasts AFTER ARTEFAKT – show for investigation of independent radio language in the reality of the hybrid media at Radio Student.
  • 2003 – graduated from Philological faculty in Belgrade, study group for Serbian language and south-Slavic literature
  • 2002 – published a book The False Orpheus: Tragicomedy in Four Acts: the book was awarded as the best first poetry book on a Festival of Yugoslav poetry of the young in Vrbas
  • 1991 – 1995 – attended gymnasium in Prokuplje, study group for natural sciences
  • 1976 – born in Prokuplje, Serbia

OrganizationRadio Student

Topic of panel: Youth Led Media